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Know Your Rights When Charged With Homicide

In Georgia, homicide can be either intentional or not. If a person kills anther individual, whether they thought about it before hand or not, they can be convicted of a homicide. There are few exceptions to this rule: self-defense and accidental death. In these cases, a person will most likely not be charged with a crime if they can prove that the death occurred out of self defense or that it was an accident in which no other laws were broken. If the death occurs and it is not one of the exceptions, then you need to contact an aggressive criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Geerdes and Associates, LLC, can provide you with a skilled Atlanta homicide lawyer. You can discuss your case for free during an initial case evaluation by calling (770) 599-5331.

Homicide Laws in Georgia

Under the current Georgia code, you can be convicted in each of the following crimes:

  • Instigated Suicide
  • Murder in the heat of Passion
  • Murder at the request of the victim
  • Murder, if you kill someone unnecessarily while trying to arrest them
  • Murder, if not in self defense
  • Negligent murder
  • Premeditated murder
  • Premeditated murder in aggravating circumstances
  • Premeditated murder of an infant by the mother

Each of the crimes above has their own punishment scale that can range from a few years to life in prison or even the death penalty. Georgia is a state that to this day continues to have capital punishment. This is the most severe punishment any individual can receive. If a person is convicted of first degree murder-premeditated murder, they can be convicted and sentenced to the death penalty.

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