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Though a nonviolent crime is not normally as serious an offense as a violent crime, it would be a mistake to take these charges lightly. A conviction for a nonviolent crime can impact your employment, future, and even your freedom. It is not uncommon for overzealous law enforcement officials to add nonviolent criminal charges such as obstruction of justice to even simple traffic violations. Regardless of the circumstances of your charge, if you have been arrested in Georgia you should speak to one of our nonviolent crime defense attorneys in Atlanta as soon as possible.

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Common Nonviolent Crimes

There are numerous ways to commit a nonviolent crime, and it is even possible to commit one without realizing it. In certain cases, such as obstruction of justice or resisting arrest, the legal battle can devolve into an argument of “he said, they said.” This can be a difficult fight if the person testifying against you is a police officer. It would be unwise to defend yourselves against these charges alone, or even with a public defender. A personal attorney can take the time to investigate your charges and provide tangible evidence to argue for your defense.

The following are nonviolent criminal charges our team regularly fights against

  • Conspiracy – If you and another person or persons worked together to plan a crime, you could be charged with conspiracy. In most cases, conspiracy is tacked on as additional charge to the crime that was actually committed. The burden of proof is on the prosecution to prove that you and someone agreed to commit a crime together. An experienced attorney can help you counter their claims.
  • Harassment – In criminal harassment, the defendant has been accused of continuously contacting the victim with the intent of annoying, alarming, tormenting, or embarrassing them. Harassment can be either physical or virtual, meaning someone could be charged with harassment if the abuse took place over the phone, online, or even through mail.
  • Obstruction of Justice – This is a very serious nonviolent charge that alleges the defendant intentionally impeded law enforcement from doing their job. This could include destroying evidence, refusing to aid a police officer during an investigation, or threatening a law enforcement official. It is not unheard of for people to be charged with obstruction for even innocent behavior. For instance, if a police officer pulls you over and you delay in following any of their instructions, they may try to add this charge. This is something you will definitely want to fight in court.
  • Resisting arrest – Somewhat similar to obstruction, resisting arrest is the act of trying to escape or prevent a law enforcement official from arresting you. Threatening or physically fighting an officer attempting an arrest would be resisting arrest. People are often nervous or scared when being arrested, and an unexpected action from someone who is attempting to comply with law enforcement could be misinterpreted as resisting arrest. Your lawyer can help you tell your side of the story in court.
  • Stalking – In Georgia, stalking is defined as following, contacting, or placing under surveillance a person without their consent in order to harass or intimidate them or their friends and family. Georgia stalking laws also include cyber stalking, wherein the offense can be committed using electronic devices. First offenses are usually charged as misdemeanors, but if you are convicted once and arrested again you could be facing a felony charge.

If you have been charged with any of the above crimes or similar nonviolent offense, call (770) 599-5331 or contact our Atlanta criminal defense attorneys online to start building your defense.

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