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Under Georgia law, there are two main types of theft: physical theft of an object and theft by deception. The only real distinction comes with what was taken. Defending yourself from a theft charge can be difficult without a thorough investigation into the details. The experienced Atlanta theft crime lawyers at Geerdes & Associates, LLC can help you craft a defense strategy and look at the case from new angles.

Theft crimes overview:

  • Theft by Taking – Theft by taking occurs when another individual takes, appropriates, or carries away another person’s property depriving them of it.
  • Theft by Deception – Theft by deception occurs when a person deceives the owner of the property. An example of this would be if an individual writes a bad check to a lawn care company for their lawn job. This person would be guilty of theft by deception because they deceived the lawn care company.
  • Theft by Conversion – Theft by conversion occurs when an individual obtains an item for some use and decides to use it for another use. For example, you get a local business to donate a computer for a charity but instead you decide to keep the computer. This is theft by conversion. If the value of the item or items is less than $500, then you are charged with a misdemeanor. If the value is over $500, you could face anywhere from 1 to 10 years in jail.
  • Theft by Shoplifting – Theft by shoplifting occurs when an individual picks up an item and proceeds to:
    • Conceal the merchandise
    • Transfer goods from one place to another
    • Alter the tags on the merchandise
    • Switching price tags on the merchandise
    • Causing the amount paid to be less than the stated price
    • If a person is convicted of shoplifting under $300 worth of merchandise, they will receive a misdemeanor charge. Once a person goes over this $300 limit, they will receive a felony conviction and anywhere from 1 to 10 years in prison.

Related Crimes

Theft crimes can also include burglary, robbery and armed robbery. Each of these charges come with different penalties and should be approached in different ways.

  • Burglary – If a person inters another person’s house with the intent of taking something without the other person’s knowledge or authorization, then they are committing burglary. The sentence ranges depending on the number of convictions:
    • First offense—1 to 20 years
    • Second offense—2 to 20 years
    • Third offense—5 to 20 years
  • Robbery – In Georgia, for a person to be committed of robbery, the prosecution must prove that their was force involved. This force can be an actual force, intimidation, threat of serious bodily injury or if he or she suddenly snatched the item in question away. To be convicted, a prosecutor must prove that the person used force with the intent to commit theft. If convicted you could face anywhere from 1 to 20 years in prison.
  • Armed Robbery – The definition is very similar to that of robbery with one main exception, a weapon or object with the appearance of a weapon must be used. This is a more severe crime and is therefore treated with an increase in jail time. A conviction will give you a felony charge and 10 to 20 years in prison.

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