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A white collar crime occurs when an individual in a possession of power and trust abuses that power and trust to increase his or her wealth. Examples would be a Ponzi scheme, fraud, or embezzlement. These cases are extremely hard for the prosecutor to prosecute because they must prove that you intended to commit a crime and steal money, but that does not mean you should take the accusation lightly. If you are ever approached by law enforcement regarding a white collar crime, you need to contact an attorney immediately, even if they have not charged you with anything. Oftentimes, if law enforcement is asking you about a while collar crime they are also trying to determine if you were involved in some way.

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Examples of White Collar Crimes

  • Ponzi Scheme – Named after infamous conman Charles Ponzi, these crimes promise people a no-risk, high reward investment opportunity, but in truth there is no real income being generated. In the original Ponzi scheme, Ponzi had a method of exchanging international postage coupons for a greater value than they were originally worth. When exchange procedures were regulated, Ponzi continued to pay his investors by using the funds brought in by new investors. This scheme requires a constant stream of revenue from new investors and falls apart almost instantly once public interest begins to drop.
  • Embezzlement – Essentially, embezzlement is when a person takes assets from their company to use for their personal benefit. Embezzlement is not limited to money. Stealing furniture, using technology for personal gain, or having employees perform personal tasks are all forms of embezzlement.
  • Bribery – A fairly straightforward concept, bribery is the act of exchanging money, favors, or something else of value with someone in an official capacity to influence their decisions. You can be charged with bribery for offering a bribe or accepting one. Bribery can be very broad, and it is possible to accept or offer a bribe without realizing what you’re doing.
  • Fraud – Fraud takes many forms, including credit card fraud, insurance fraud, and cell phone fraud, to name a few. In essence, fraud is the act of using false information for personal gain. For instance, cell phone fraud could involve using someone else’s phone information to purchase items electronically or sell their personal information.
  • Counterfeiting – Fake money is only one form of counterfeiting. You can also be charged with this offense for selling items under the name of well-established brand. Handbags, watches, and clothing are often counterfeited.

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