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Pedestrian accidents occur when people are injured due while walking on public roadways or sidewalks. These accidents commonly occur when people are:

  • Hit by cars
  • Hit by motorcycles or bikes
  • Trip over holes or cracks in the sidewalk
  • Hit by a falling object
  • Any other injury resulting from negligence from an individual, business, or the local city/county

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you should call Geerdes & Associates right away. We are a team of proven Atlanta personal injury lawyers. You can discuss your case for free without making any commitments by calling (770) 599-5331.

Basics of Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

In most cases, the insurance of the person responsible for your injury will the party being sued. Most individuals and businesses do not have the kind of money to pay you the large sum you deserve to cover your bills and potential loss of income, and winning the case does you no good if you do not actually collect money.

Because insurance companies are the primary entities being sued, most of these cases are settled out of court. Insurance companies do not want to go before a judge and a jury when they know you have a strong case against them. Going to court can be bad for business and end up costing the company extra money for legal expenses.

Because of the uncertainty of what can actually happen in a court case, it is often advisable to settle out of court. Most insurance companies base their settlement offers on what a jury would be likely to award you. Plus, a settlement allows you to collect the money you need to pay your bills right away, while a court case can take months or even years to settle and award you your money. Always speak with your attorney before deciding on a settlement deal. They can help you determine the best course of action.

What We Do

We can handle every aspect of your pedestrian accident case to make sure you get the maximum amount of compensation you can qualify for under the law. You need to have your medical bills paid, as well as any household bills you need to pay while you are not working. If you are unable to work at all after the accident, then you will need to be compensated with enough money to keep your bills paid for the rest of your life without you having to be concerned about money again. Those who are responsible for your injury owe you that kind of money.

At Geerdes & Associates, we always do the best thing for the client. If settling out of court is in your best interests, that is what we will do. If going to court is the better option, we can aggressively fight on your behalf and put all our resources into getting you the biggest settlement the law provides.

Call us today at (770) 599-5331 for a free consultation.

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