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Sports injuries are more common now that larger numbers of kids, teenagers, and young adults are playing these games both recreationally and professionally. Injuries can happen at school or on a professional field. Accidents are more likely to occur when there is close contact with the other players. However, accidents can happen in sporting environments even if only one player is involved. Slipping on a slick court or playing field, running into a goal post, jumping and falling in the wrong way, and even repetitive motion injuries can all occur as a result of playing sports. When these injuries happen, they can be devastating for the person who incurs them.

With an Atlanta sports injury attorney from Geerdes & Associates, LLC, you can learn about your rights to compensation after an injury. Call (770) 599-5331 today for a free consultation.

Sports Injury Damages

Broken bones are common. Surgery is often necessary. If helmets aren’t worn, there is a much greater likelihood of traumatic head injuries. The injury may be severe enough that the person is no longer able to play sports at all. This is a potentially financially devastating situation if the injured person was on track to play professional sports or was already playing on a professional team.

Potential damages for a sports injury include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of future income
  • Disability

The school, owner of the team, owner of the playing field, court, or rink, and/or the insurance of all of these entities can all be sued in the case of sports injuries.

Work With an Aggressive Legal Team

Whether your sports injury is a large or small one, and whether you can play again or your sports career is done after your injury, you deserve financial compensation. At Geerdes & Associates, we work with all the power of our firm on our clients’ behalf to make sure you get every penny that’s coming to you.

Call our Atlanta sports injury lawyers for help maximizing your injury claim. Contact us today at (770) 599-5331.

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